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Spatial & Landscape Botanical 

Design Consultant


Trees have a way of marking the passing of time, perhaps its in our DNA to feel more at ease when we are in such environments; as our ancestors were foragers and part of the tapestry of the ecosystem.

Being among trees and plants are part of our natural instinct; for trees planted today are not for us, but for our children and their children to enjoy. 

The most beautiful landscapes are the ones not done by man, but by the passing of time.

Design is a lot an exercise of the imagination & patience; gardening can be part of the problem and the solution, plants like humans are part of nature which is unpredictable yet demanding, design is our way of trying to solve this problems, be it visually or functionally .


The training of one's perceptions and openness to learn and unlearn, everyday, as part of being alive.

Sputnik Forest Labs is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Penang, Malaysia. We tailor make interior & exterior spaces into expressions of atmospheric visual arts.

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